Become a Muzin Distributor

MUZIN Global Manufacturing began under the hands of Sheila Muzin and her tireless search for unprecedented product development, under strict quality controls (know her history here). As a result of their efforts, the MUZIN products (together with technical support around the country and highly trained customer service staff) make the user experience the best, well above the competition.

Demand for products continues to rise - What stops you from joining our high growth brand? After presenting a growth of three digits year after year since its inception, the MUZIN brand continues to penetrate the market. The demand of consumers, the availability of products in stores close to customers and the global corporate support of the brand make it an excellent business opportunity.

What makes the MUZIN quality seal the strongest on the market? Our products are backed by a policy of guarantee against reimbursement, long warranty periods (up to 24 months or 75,000 kilometers in our tire division) and a large stock of spare parts ready to handle any claim. Our team is a call away to answer technical queries and resolve claims. If you need it, we have authorized Service Centers strategically located, equipped and ready to provide a professional service.

Why partnering with MUZIN is a good idea? After taking the order, our team is responsible for training the sales team and technical service where the product will be offered in order to increase sales and product rotation in detal. Retailers are backed by advertising and personalized marketing strategies that keep the demand for MUZIN growing. We are experts in national and international logistics, we make sure that your product arrives where you need it. We seek to build trust from small orders to work at the level of wholesalers.

We are accepting only a limited number of distributors. Call us to know the requirements.